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Affordable and low prices every time, all the time with your custom design

Others may offer gimmicks and discounts that sound too good to be true – and usually are. At Front Panel Pros, we price our custom designed panels affordable and fairly from the start. We begin with high quality materials, machine them in as few steps as possible, and get them into your hands as quickly as possible. All of this allows us to offer our clients outstanding value.

Send us your custom design drawing file: preferred file formats are: DXF files, DWG files, eps files, ai files (CS2) and other files. We will send you a same-day quote and wait for your approval. Standard manufacturing time is 5 business days. Three-day and one-day services are available through our front panel express service at extra cost. Cam Expert product quality is excellent and affordable.

We can produce multiple panels in a single run, at affordable rates

Our large-bed milling machine can accept panels up to 1200mm (47″) high by 1450mm (57″) wide, which allows us to manufacture multiple small panels in a single run. Or even affordably machine larger panels in one step.

We specialize in the manufacture of high-quality front panels. We are especially adept with large quantities, prototypes and small production runs with different materials.

Standard materials for front panels include aluminum, Plexiglas and composite board. Stock thicknesses are 1.5mm to 5.0mm. Thicknesses up to 10mm can be ordered in aluminum, non ferrous metals and Plexiglas and other plastic products. No tie-ends are used between the work piece and the panel piece.

As part of the fabrication, we engrave character and symbols to your requirements, including special coloring.

Fast, dedicated high-speed machining systems

Our facilities and machinery are dedicated to front panel production. That’s all we do, and we do it well and affordable. By using dedicated high speed CNC machines that can mill and engrave anodized panels in one operation we easily can beat machine shop pricing, where the standard is to punch out the openings, finish the surface, anodize the panels and silk screen the labels and logos. One manufacturing step instead of 4. You do the math.

We’ll be happy to give you a detailed quote and to tell you about our wide variety of services. Please contact us for your needs by e-mail or phone.

Front Panels Put To Life

Multiple 4 feet tall front panels for the Boston JATC school.