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  • How to Clean Your Aluminum Panel

    Oct. 08, 2014 Front Panel Misc. No Comments

    Aluminum is used in many different applications, and our front panels are no exception. Aluminum is our favorite material to work with because of how lightweight it is, not to mention its non-corrosive qualities!

    However, most panels can get dirty over time and it’s important to know how to clean them. Here are some easy steps you can take:

    Let your panel fully cool down before your try to clean it. Once it’s cool to the touch, you can spray it with water and wipe it in order to get rid of dust and other debris that are on it. Depending on the size, a small spray bottle may be best. If there is not much surface area to work with, then spray the towel in order to wipe it down.

    Next, mix together 1 tbsp. of alkali-free liquid detergent and warm water into a bucket. Mix the detergent in well.

    Using a soft nylon brush, dip it into the detergent mix and first try out a small section in order to make sure it gives you the level of clean you’re looking to achieve. Start from the bottom and work your way up.

    Spray (or wipe with a wet cloth) the section you just scrubbed. Make sure you thoroughly rinse to get rid of any gunk that may be stuck to the surface.

    If you have more than one panel, make sure you work on one panel or section at a time, thoroughly cleaning and rinsing each section before you move on to the next. Always work upward.

    Give the entire section one last rinse to make sure all detergent is off.

    Whatever it is you decide to use on your aluminum panel, you need to make sure it is gentle enough that it will not discolor or do damage to the panel. Aluminum does not do well with abrasive cleaners! It you need any more tips on how to clean your aluminum panel, please contact Front Panel Pros today.

    Written by Heinz Hanssen

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