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We mill and engrave front panels in one operation

You can benefit from our dedication to front panels and from our streamlined process right from the start. We  take your DXF or DWG files and convert them into machining data. Simply upload your drawing to us, with no need to spend your time recreating your panels in a proprietary front panel design software.  We then mill and engrave your front panels in one operation. Our CNC machines allow us to machine with no burrs, scratches or roller marks, eliminating secondary operations. Our engraving is clean and crisp, and our edges and through-holes are picture perfect. In one step, your front panels are ready to pack and ship.

Blue and black front panel with engravings

panels with engravings

Our machines manufacture batches of panels at the same time

Our large-bed precision machining system allows us to bulk manufacture panels. Even large quantities of small panels can be ready to ship in about five days, and the largest panels can be finished in two weeks. We keep various sizes of anodized aluminum and plexiglass panels, in stock, so we can begin work on your order as soon as your drawing is uploaded. Our turnaround times are unparalleled.

We do offer infilling and anodizing after milling, if that is your preference. We also silkscreen, but have found that engraving with infilling is more accurate, cleaner, and more affordable, especially on shorter runs.


milling process in action

We have bicoastal manufacturing facilities to be closer to you

We maintain facilities on both the East and West coasts, so we can respond and ship quickly, no matter where you are.

Manufacturing Front Panels