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Front Panel Pros Goes Traveling With Neil Young

This particular project was very interesting. The object, where our panel was to be incorporated in was an over a century old sailboat. But that’s not all of it. This ship belongs to a fantastic musician and talented artist.

We had to cope with some challenges along the way which is what made this project particularly interesting for us and we would like to share this story with you.


So, from the beginning:

One of our front panels is installed in the ship that belongs to no other than Neil Young and it is now seeing the great oceans and serves it’s purpose on this beautiful sailing ship.

“Where would they actually use a metal panel in a ship mostly made of wood?” you may ask. But even on a vintage ship that is over a century old there is use for a panel from Front Panel Pros. We designed it for the electric panel from where you have control over the ship’s electronics. From there you not only control the lights on and below deck but basically everything that needs to be powered on that ship. Of course we do not claim that our panel is part of the heart of the ship, because on a sailboat that rather are the sails or the galley or the stories that belong to that amazing vessel. But still our panel does it’s part and we are happy that we could contribute to this project.

The actual challenge was, that our panel was required to match the antique appearance of the ship and a shiny new front panel out of metal just doesn’t look very antique. Fortunately our client came up with a great idea. By altering the look of the panel with some little tricks we achieved that the brass panel looked older while at the same time very elegant. We think, the outcome is fitting well with the surroundings; take a look at the pictures.

Neil Young Yacht
Neil Young Front Panel