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Omnia Audio – Limiting Amplifier

  • 1176LN Limiting Amplifier Rev D
  • 1176LN Limiting Amplifier Rev D
  • 1176LN Limiting Amplifier Rev D

The project is a clone of the 1176LN Limiting Amplifier Rev D. “The PCB and information can be found at Hairball Audio which also have a plethora of 1176 projects for the DIYer, as well as PCB’s and kits for mic preamps and other DIY pro audio related items. This PCB was designed by Mnats and distributed by Mike from Hairball Audio and the input and output transformers are by Ed Anderson (who makes amazing recreations of many classic transformers).

The Universal Audio 1176 originally was 2u in height and has been used in literally millions of hit records. There is not a professional studio that doesn’t have 2-6 of them. There are 8 revisions (A-H) with each one being a little different; mostly in the input and output stages e.g. some use transformers, some use a mix of IC circuits, etc…). This project is based on the Rev D which is considered by many to be the best version as it was this revision that introduced Brad Plunkett’s Low Noise circuitry (hence the LN after the 1176) which dropped the noise immensely as well as making the thing just sound better all around. The 1176 Rev D uses input and output transformers and is based around using a FET for gain reduction in a feedback configuration. Normally the Rev D and Rev E were all black but I had enough black studio gear and really wanted it to stick out so I made it the dark blue offered by Front Panel Pros which was just perfect (and exactly what I had in mind) I already had two ‘normal’ 1176’s and so thought I would be creative and make one in a 1u height so to save space in the studio rack as well as add a little pizazz. Modern 1176’s also have 4 push buttons for the compression ratio selection as well as another 4 to control the metering and power on/off. I used rotary switches like the original had back in 1967.

Dylan Emelianoff
Omnia Audio