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Front Panel Customization Services



We offer many options that will allow you to customize your front panels to ideally suit your needs. Add text and logos, choose your colors, create a custom housing and more.


Engraving of Text and Graphics

Engraving is a fast way to apply any graphics or your logo to a front panel. Because our machines can engrave during machining, it is also very affordable. Engraving can be in-filled with a color of your choice, providing a look similar to silk screening. Breaking the surface, engraving recesses the lines, making your graphics very resistant and protected. The quality of our engraving tools allows us to maintain a clean look with crisp and well-defined edges. Try it out.

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Engraving of text and graphics on front panel


CMYK Subsurface Printing NEW!

New technology from Germany allows 4-color subsurface printing. Ideal for equipment that will be used in a medical settings or military operations. Because printing is done before the panel surface is sealed, it is resilient to the environment. Your front panels will even withstand salt-water submersion.

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Anodizing After Milling

Most customers ask us to create their front panels using anodized aluminum. However, the milling process can expose edges and cutouts. So, Front Panel Pros now offers anodizing after milling. Edges and cutouts will be anodized for a higher quality finish. The maximum dimensions for this service are 560mm x 610mm (22″ x 24″).

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Powder Coating

Since many companies are interested in a custom look, Front Panel Pros offers powder coating. Powder coating provides an attractive finish that is tougher than conventional paint. It also lets you specify a particular color beyond the limited number of aluminum colors commercially available.

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Bending and Welding

Front Panel Pros offers a full line-up of services to equipment makers. This includes specialized requirements such as bending and welding.

These services make a wide range of customized solutions possible.

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Bending and Welding



Sometimes it’s hard to find an enclosure that’s a good fit for your equipment. Front Panel Pros offers a flexible system that allows you to create a housing that meets your specifications.

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PEM® Fasteners

We provide popular PEM® concealed-head, self-clinching studs and standoffs. Many glue these fasteners in, but at Front Panel Pros, we press them into your panels. No grinding, no glue – you get a clean, reliable replica watches and scratch-free hold.

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PEM® Fasteners


Silk Screening

Some customers prefer to have us silkscreen text and/or logos on their front panels. While not as durable as engraving, silk screening can be a cost-effective alternative, especially for larger quantities.

We use standard, full-color printing (4-color process) so an enormous range of colors is available to you with this approach.

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