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Anodizing After Milling

Most customers ask us to create their front panels using anodized aluminum.

What is anodizing?

During the process of anodizing, in which an electrical current is passed through the aluminum in an acid electrolythe bath, a protective layer of aluminum oxide is grown around the material. The purpose of this protective layer around the aluminum is to avoid corrosion and abrasion. It can also be used for decorative purposes. We offer different colors during the process of anodizing. Please contact us for further information.

After finishing the process of anodization we start milling the front panels.

Our milling centers use a high speed 60,000 RPM spindle for a superb, clean cut. No tabs or tie-ins to the panel are needed for most parts.

Milling and cutting configurations include cavities, countersinks, holes, rectangular openings and most other geometric shapes plus threads for inside diameters. We can also engrave text for name plates and mill from HPGL files.

What is ‘anodizing after milling’?

The milling process can expose edges and cutouts. So, Front Panel Pros now offers anodizing after milling. Edges and cutouts will be anodized, to provide edge protection and a more asthetic appearance of the front panels. The ‘Anodizing after milling’ in general stands for a higher quality finish.
The maximum dimensions for this service are 560mm x 610mm (22″ x 24″).

If you want more technical info or deeper knowledge about anodizing you should also take a look here.

We at front panel pros stand for high quality front panels and excellent service with competetive prices. Apart from the ‘anodizing after milling’ we offer a wide variety of services that are unique in the market of front panels. We specialzize in custom design and individual needs of our valued customers. You can read more about the Front Panel Pros service on the service page.


Anodizing After Milling
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