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Bending and Welding

The variety of front panels we can design and mill are numerous. They range from simple descriptions and labeling to complex and intricate patterns for your specific demands.

But what if you want to design not just your own front panel, but your own shape and distinctive outcome?
Front Panels Pros offers the opportunity not only to ensure the highest quality of milling your front panel but also additional services like bending and welding. By additionally altering the shape of the front panel, there are more possibilities and more fields of application for your front panel. When designing your front panel you are not limited to just a flat panel. You are able to incorporate different styles by bending (e.g. box shaped or round objects) or welding (e.g. several panels in “one” piece). As a result you’ll have a higher value of recognition. Through bending and welding we serve our customers in a way that is unique to the market. Whether designing a panel for highly functional demands or designing an object you can use for your DIY project: we have the right solution. Contact us for a quote.

Whatever your demands are:
We’ve got the perfect panel with the perfect size for an affordable price for you. That is the Front Panel Pros promise. Test us!

Bending and Welding