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CMYK Subsurface Printing

The process of anodizing aluminum changes the surface into a thin ceramic layer. The hard ceramic surface makes anodized panels more resistant to scratches and nicks. In standard anodizing operations, the aluminum can be dyed mid-process, yielding black, blue or red panels. You can see examples of this here on our site. After the panels are dyed, the surface is sealed, locking the dye underneath the hard ceramic surface.

Subsurface printing can print localized colors, much like an ink-jet, before the last step in anodizing is applied and the panel is sealed. As a result, your labels, logos and markings are sealed into the surface and, unlike silk-screened markings, will be very difficult to remove. Silk-screened printing can rub off; subsurface printing can’t. Your text and logos are safe from abrasives, solvents, and even salt water.

Because each panel is individually printed, shorter runs are more affordable and serialization is fairly easy. You are now free to use any color of the rainbow.

Subsurface Printing
CMYK Subsurface Printing white