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Short, Medium and Large Runs

Short, Medium and Large Runs

Our large-bed precision manufacturing system allows us to create many small panels at the same time, which means we’re ideally suited to produce your large order quickly and efficiently. Alternatively, our equipment allows us to produce very large panels, as well.

We usually start off with a first article to prove out the process and the quality. The first article we make for you is machined and manufactured using the same tools, CNC machines and processes we will use on any subsequent runs. We think it is important to mention that as not all manufacturers use the same tools to make the first articles that they use for production runs. Once the part is proven, it very easy for us to scale up the operation and machine manufacturing runs on our machines.

Our CNC machines and our workholding systems are designed to batch manufacture front panels in the shortest time and least amount of production steps possible.

If your part needs any secondary operation, we can most likely accommodate anything you throw at us, very affordable. If you’re not sure, give us a call. Most likely we’ve done it before.

First articles and prototypes

You want your equipment to look great. So do we. Before you place an order for multiple front panels, let us create a first article for you. That way, we’ll both know that our panels will give your equipment the best possible face. Call us at 805.667.9085 to discuss the details.

First Articles