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  • Tips for Effectively Uploading your Drawing | Front Panel Pros

    Sep. 19, 2014 Front Panel Process No Comments
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    When you have a specific image in your mind, but you need someone else to do the work, you want the other person so see exactly what it is that you see. This is what we hope to accomplish at Front Panel Pros when you upload your picture with us. We take what you have given us and turn it into something tangible that will compliment your business.
    There are a couple things you should keep in mind when you send in your designs.


    Make sure they are in the right file forms. We can only accept DXF, DWG, PS+ESP, HPGL, or Adobe Illustrator files. Ensuring that we have the right type of file will make the process a lot easier and go smoother.


    Make sure you are clear in what you want. Sometimes there are details that get lost in translation- don’t worry about sending too much information. The more we understand about your vision the more we will be able to make it exactly as you pictured.


    We will offer you a free quote. Once we receive the picture, we can tell you exactly how much everything will cost. This is another reason to make sure to include all the details- you will know exactly how much your project will cost you.


    If something unusual is detected in your design, we will work with you. Sometimes what looks good on paper doesn’t always work in real life. If there needs to be changes made to the design, we will work with you and let you know.


    If you feel you need to tell us some extra information to make sure we understand what you are looking for, you can leave us a message in the form you fill out- the more information the merrier!
    Let us help you turn your visions into realities- check out our site and upload your files today.

    Written by Heinz Hanssen

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