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DXF and DWG file import

Precision starts with converting your design files into machining programs. We can read pretty much any design file format under the sun, including DXF and DWG. If in doubt, give us a call.

By using your design files to generate the machining file, we eliminate programming errors and what you see in your drawings is exactly what you get. And then we go further. Your first article will be manufactured using the very same machines, programs and processes that we use for any manufacturing runs.

DWG and DXF project files use to manufacture front panels

Precision machining systems for small tools

Our large bed precision machining systems allow us to machine several panels at once, giving you a consistent quality across short, medium and small runs. Our CNC machines switch from small end mills to engraving tools to machine and engrave in one operation. Because no re-registering of the panel location is needed, the text on your front panels is in the same location every time, all the time. Our CNC machines as well as our workflow and our production methods are dedicated to give you the highest quality front panels with the best precision we can. In a spirit of team-work we try to understand your objectives and provide you with exactly what you are looking for.

DXF project files use to manufacture front panels

One-step machining avoids nicks and scratches

We use a high RPM milling center from Germany that results in burr- and scratch-free surfaces and picture-perfect edges. We know that every time your panels are handled or put through another manufacturing process, there is the risk of nick and scratches. That’s why we mill and engrave in a single step and eliminate offline operations as much as possible, preserving the perfection of your panels. Our unique engraving capabilities allow us to add even the finest logos and text to your panels cleanly and sharply. Our front panels give your equipment the best face forward.

Precision machining of a blue front panel