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About Us – Front Panel Manufacturing & Engraving Company

We’ve been in the front panel manufacturing business for more than 10 years, and we find it amazing that the technology we use is still so little known and used in the industry.

Conventional manufacturing methods used by machine shops involve multiple, laborious steps. The first step is to cut a panel to size, usually using shears that can leave rough edges. Through-holes are created using a punch press – and if that tool isn’t properly maintained and sharpened, it can bend the surface of your panel. Once cutting and punching is done, the surface of the panel needs to be brushed to remove machining marks. Panels are then sent to be anodized, and the shop usually has to wait a couple of days to get the panels back. They also have to create a screen, apply your text and logo through silk-screening, then wait for the paint to dry, all before your panels are ready to be shipped! How many steps was that?

At Front Panel Pros, the precision of our methods allows us to mill and engrave anodized aluminum without scratches, nicks, or burrs. We cut panels to size, machine through-holes, and engrave text and logos in a single functionalobjects step. This is what makes our outstanding turnaround times feasible. Fewer man hours mean a shorter wait and a lower price point for you. So – when you hear us say over and over that we are fast, precise and affordable, this is exactly what we mean, and this is exactly how we can make that promise and deliver on it every single time.

At Front Panel Pros, making front panels isn’t just our job; its our passion. We take pride in supplying our clients with front panels that are as beautiful as they are functional. We are committed to working closely with you to meet your needs, whether they are simple or more challenging. When you place your order with us, you wont encounter confusing telephone trees or impersonal customer service. You can be certain that your questions are being answered by someone with years of experience and hard-earned expertise, not by front desk personnel reading scripted answers that may or may not address your questions.

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